WPFC Soccer Philosophy

Pillars of Attacking and Defending

WPFC Philosophy
Develop technically proficient, independent thinking, and hard working players within a style that emphasizes modern attacking and defending principles.

Four Pillars of Attack
1. We will play a positive, possession-oriented style that builds out of the back and through midfield
2. We will play with a minimum amount of touches whenever appropriate to establish a two-touch rhythm
3. We will look to exploit moments of transition as efficiently as possible
4. Our players will be free to interchange positions as a result of their movement off the ball

Four Pillars of Defending
1. We will employ high pressure and immediate chase tactics for five seconds upon losing possession
2. We will maintain a compact shape when defending
3. We will look to maintain a single extra player in our final line of defense
4. We will utilize a central screening midfielder in our defensive shape