Second Turf Field coming to WPFC

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WPFC Second Turf Field Coming in 2013 Synthetic turf to be added to field 4!


Contact: Seth Spidahl
Phone: 253.845.0303
Fax: 253.845.9698
WPFC families, coaches and friends,

WPFC owns the best field complex of any club in Washington state.  From late spring to early fall teams are able to spread out over the 20 acres providing an incomparable training and game experience. Unfortunately, from late September to May, we are at the mercy of the weather, and during that time, we are forced onto one turf field for both training and games.

Over the past three months, current Board of Director member Sam Silver, and former WPFC President, Jeff Woodworth, worked with us on a plan to develop a second turf field. The planning culminated last week when we signed agreements to install turf on field #4!

Construction will begin the week of July 8th and take six to seven weeks. During that time, you will see the field transform before your eyes. The new field will tie into field #3, making it one seamless surface. In addition, two new team shelters, like those in place today, will be installed. A chain link fence will surround the two turf fields and a net, like the one behind field   #3's south goal, will be erected. Also, conduit will be run to two locations, between the two fields, with an eye toward putting in two additional light standards sometime in the near future.

None of this would be possible without you. As many of you know, two years ago a large balance was still owed on the first turf field. By being financially disciplined and focusing on fundraising, we have been able to discharge the first loan and secure financing for the second field. We will continue to run the club with discipline and a commitment to provide the players and families with the best youth soccer experience possible.

Thank you for your support and commitment to WPFC!
# # #
President, WPFC BoD,
Jeff Harper
Technical Director,
Seth Spidahl