Club Leadership

Washington Premier F.C. is governed by it's Board of Directors. Our Board is composed of the following individuals:

Elected Positions Name E-Mail Address
Director  Jeff Boulet
Director   Julia Cho
Director/Treasurer  Dave Comfort
Director/President  Peter Eckblad
Director   Andy Johnson
Director  Vic Leverett
Director   Pat O'Neil
Director  Jed Woodward
Director  Tami Udovich
 The following are staff positions and currently not part of the Board of Directors.
Staff Positions Name E-Mail Address
Registrar  Kelley Jean
Secretary  Cheryl Mercuri
Administrators  Cheryl Mercuri
 Kristine Spidahl 

Treasurer  Dave Comfort

Approximately one-half of the Board of Directors is elected annually by the members. Please refer to the Bylaws for more information about how we are governed.